14 thg 4, 2013

VB Decompiler Lite v9.3 (2013-04-05)

VB Decompiler Lite v9.3 (2013-04-05)


- New powerful HEX editor in the "Patch data" tool
with highlighting changes, undo/redo functions and
copy/paste the HEX blocks of bytes
- Patch dialog is now sizable (size will save to registry
and will use at next VB Decompiler start)
- Czech language translation and documentation
- China language documentation (thank you to ZeNiX)
- Decompiling applications with more than 999 forms, modules and classes
- Not show "Do you want to..." message before opening any file
- Changes in processing "FC67" opcode (P-Code)
- Show NewIfNullPr opcode in Lite version (P-Code)
- Show a status of ptocessing methods
- BugFix: Some memory leaks is fixed
- BugFix: Correctly process modules with some unknown flags (Native Code)
- BugFix: Correctly process incorrect offsets (Native Code)
- BugFix: Correctly process translation of the main menu
- BugFix: Correct processing of complex strings in VB6 applications
- BugFix: Correctly detect retn command (Native Code)
- BugFix: Correctly process incorrect "edi" register value in "call" command (Native Code)
- BugFix: Fix access violation on double clicking the clean text field
- BugFix: DLL obfuscation now works correctly


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