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CleanupExEx - OllyDbg 2.XX Plugin

Name: CleanupExEx v201.01
Date: 11.25.2013
OD Version: OllyDbg 2.XX
Author: quygia128
Home: http://cin1team.biz

Desciption =

* CleanupExEx is a plugin for OllyDbg 2.XX. It's a new plugin BUT it's improving with
a good idea from CleanupEx(by Gigapede and atom0s) to work on OllyDbg 2.XX,
The plugin is allows to delete OllyDbg data (*.UDD,*.BAK) into UDD directory.

Plugin isn't good but source code is OPEN(Delphi IDE), You can improve/add/modify code whenever as you like :-)

* Why was "CleanupExEx" created ?
- I'm found BUG in both plugins CleanupEx v2 and VicPlugIn2, both plugins weren't work
on OllyDbg 2.01(G,H,I).

* So i decided to create my own plugin to do that.

Thanks and Credits to:
TQN, phpbb3, BOB, Gigapede(author of CleanupEx), atom0s(developer),
of course thanks to all CiN1's members & all my friends.

Features =
+ Clean DATA
. All OllyDbg Data(*.*)
. All Debug Data (*.UDD)
. All Backup Data (*.BAK)
. ++++ Future Data (*.XXX)
. Latest Used (*.UDD;*.BAK)
. Open UDD Directory
. Empty Recent Files Debug List
. About
Changelogs =

+ CleanupExEx v201.01
- 11.25.2013
. First release

Download Plugin + SRC



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